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Doris Lessing

Doris Lessing (* 22 October 1919 in Kermanshah, Iran; born Doris May Tayler) is a British writer. In 2007 she received the Nobel Prize for literature.
Doris Lessing at a reading on the lit.COLOGNE 2006 in Cologne

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The father was a British colonial officer and the mother nurse. When Doris Lessing was born, her father was in the Imperial Bank of Persia employed. 1925 Lessing’s family moved into the British colony of Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where it is a hard life in the country resulted. Lessing visited a Catholic convent school and the Girls High School in the capital Salisbury (now Harare). With fourteen years, they broke from the school. The huge piece of land brought no wealth, so that her mother’s dream, a Victorian interest „among the savages“ to lead, had to abandon.

The author experienced a difficult and unhappy childhood, and the texts of the author about life in the British colonies in Africa are full of sympathy with the inhaltsleeren existence of the British settlers as well as the bleak situation of indigenous people.

In 1939 she married Frank Charles Wisdom; from this marriage she has two children (a son and a daughter). The 1943 marriage was divorced, the children remained with the father. Second marriage in 1945 she married the German emigrants Gottfried Lessing, with whom she has another son (Peter), after the divorce when their remained 1949. Gottfried Lessing’s sister Irene was the wife of Klaus Gysi and mother of Gregor Gysi. After her second divorce Doris Lessing kept the German surnames in.

Her first novel, entitled The Grass Is Singing (African tragedy) appeared in 1949 in London after its removal from Rhodesia.

Literary creation

Lessing’s literary creation is currently divided into three periods:

* 1944 to 1956 the communist issue, as they worry about radical social issues processed
* 1956 to 1969 the psychological theme
* Then the theme Sufism (Islamic mysticism), which she described in detail in the five science-fiction novel cycle Canopus in Argos: Archives has been processed.

After the Sufi theme Doris Lessing dealt with all three topics.


Her novel The Golden Notebook – The Golden Notebook from the year 1962 – is among literary scholars as their main work. This is a classic of modernism. In this highly complex work, the five different levels artfully combines, there are two politically engaged, intellectual and emancipated „uncommitted women“ in the center. The book has both fictional, autobiographical, as well as a small part documentary features. Doris Lessing writes in a previously unknown avant-garde and experimental form, subjective, without a linear narrative.

The two protagonists are initially of the Communist party. The duplicity of organization and discipline of the free, even cynical speech about the Stalinist crimes outside of party meetings, are clearly depicted. The political conflict, internal turmoil and the slow replacement of the Communist Party are also the backdrop of the emotional bond and the critical detachment told. Another narrative strand shorter deals with racism in Rhodesia. Doris Lessing, how she writes, show that each generation of intellectuals in adolescence similar mistake does not in a position to the past as an example to consider.

Another, probably autobiographical theme, is how to deal with men who – mostly married – to lovers, while the women love and sexuality can not be separated, the men are doing this, however. The author describes convincingly the inner and outer experience of the protagonists, the Relative their beliefs, the psychological aspects of their practices.

Doris Lessing in her novel combines artfully for a clear delineation of different topics four notebooks with the history of the two women. The various areas of life in their own fragments or notes narrates. The author portrays female experiences, such as the female orgasm and menstruation, which from this perspective not previously been told. Added to the confrontation with the responsibility of both women for their child wear.

Lessing is the narrator, I note the following distinguished books: „I run four notebooks, a black notebook, which Anna Wulf“ (the protagonist) „is the writer, a red notebook that the policy concerns; a yellow notebook in which I am from what I’ve seen, stories do, and a blue notebook, the experiment presents a diary. “

The work was often regarded as classics of feminism means. 1982, however, distanced himself Doris Lessing from this viewpoint in an interview with The New York Times:

„The feminists are asking me a religious act, they do not have precisely investigated. You want that I testify. Preferably, they want to that I say: I stand at your side, sisters, in euerm fight for the golden day when all the brutal men disappeared. ‚Are they really that overly simplistic conclusions about the relationship between men and women make? Exactly what they want. With great regret I am to this conclusion. “

On the question of which of their works they see as the most important, Lessing called the novels of the cycle Canopus in Argos. These books are based in part on the world view of the Sufis, or of Sufism, to which Lessing on mediation of Idries Shah arrived. Even earlier works show a hint of this issue, for example Briefing for a Descent Into Hell and Memoirs of a Survivor. A book of the cycle The Marriages Between Zone Three, Four and Five has by Philip Glass in 1997 as an opera adapted.

Several critics compare with Doris Lessing Virginia Woolf and call them the two great women of the English literature of the 20th Century. Others, like the literary critic, Marcel Reich-Ranicki, showing its disappointment over the award of the Nobel Literature Prize to Doris Lessing. [1]

On 11 October 2007, the Swedish Academy announced its decision, „the Epikerin female experience who with skepticism, passion and visionary force Fragmented civilization to test“ had received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2007 granting [2].

Works (selection)

* The Grass Is Singing (1949) (the African tragedy) ISBN 3-596-25747-6
* This What the Old Chief’s Country (1951)
* Children of Violence series (Children of Violence) (1952-1969):
o Martha Quest (Martha Quest) ISBN 3-12-905031-0
o A Proper Marriage (A real marriage) ISBN 3-423-10612-3
o Each His Own Wilderness (each his own wilderness)
o A Ripple from the Storm (Storm characters) ISBN 3-608-95083-4
o Landlocked (Landumschlossen) ISBN 3-608-95084-2
o The Four-Gated City (The city viertorige) ISBN 3-608-95085-0
Going home * (homecoming) (1957)
* The Golden Notebook (The Golden Notebook) (1962) ISBN 3-596-25396-9, ISBN 3-7740-0485-4 (often as their main work considered)
* The Temptation of Jack Orkney (The Temptation of Jack Orkney)
* A Small Personal Voice (essays)
* Briefing for a Descent Into Hell (instruction for a descent to hell) (1971) ISBN 3-10-043905-8
* The Summer Before the Dark (The summer before darkness) (1973) ISBN 3-499-14170-1
* Memoirs of a Survivor (The memoirs of survivors) (1974)
* To Room Nineteen (1978)
* Series Canopus in Argos: Archives (Canopus in Argos: Archives) (1979-1983):
o Shikasta (Shikasta) (1979) ISBN 3-10-043906-6
o The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four, and Five (The marriages between zones three, four and five) ISBN 3-442-72773-1, ISBN 3-10-043907-4
o The Sirian Experiments (The sirianischen trials: A report by Ambien II, one of five) ISBN 3-10-043908-2
o The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 (The Making of the Representative of Planet 8) ISBN 3-596-29149-6, ISBN 3-10-043909-0
o The Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire (The sentimental agents in the kingdom Volyen) ISBN 3-10-043910-4
* Under the pseudonym Jane Somers:
o The Diary of a Good Neighbor (The Diary of Jane Somers) (1983) ISBN 3-608-95252-7
o If the Old Could … (The love story of Jane Somers) (1984) ISBN 3-608-95343-4
* The Good Terrorist (The terrorist) (1985) ISBN 3-10-043911-2
* The Fifth Child (The fifth child) (1988) ISBN 3-442-72811-8, ISBN 3-455-01907-2
* Autobiography:
o Under My Skin: Volume One of My Autobiography, to 1949 (under the skin) (1995) ISBN 3-442-72045-1
o Walking in the Shade: Volume Two of My Autobiography 1949 to 1962 (steps in the shade) (1997) ISBN 3-455-04392-5
* Love, Again (And again the love) (1996) ISBN 3-455-04391-7
* Then and Mara (Mara and Then) (1999) ISBN 3-455-04393-3
* Ben, in the World (Ben in the world), continued from the fifth child (2000) ISBN 3-442-72741-3
* The Sweetest Dream (A sweet dream) (2002) ISBN 3-455-04387-9
* The Grandmothers (A child of love) (2004) ISBN 3-455-04386-0
* The Cleft (The gap) (2007) ISBN 3-455-40075-2


* 1954: Somerset Maugham Award
* 1976: Prix Médicis étranger
* 1981: Austrian State Prize for European Literature
* 1982: Shakespeare Prize by the Alfred Toepfer Foundation, Hamburg
* 1986: WH Smith Literary Award
* 1987: Palermo Prize
* 1987: Premio Internazionale Mondello Letterario
* 1989: Premio Grinzane Cavour
* 1995: James Tait Black Memorial Prize
* 1995: Los Angeles Times Book Prize
* 1999: Premio Internacional Catalunya
* 2001: David Cohen British Literary Prize
* 2001: Companion of Honor from the Royal Society of Literature
* 2001: Prince of Asturias Prize
* 2002: S.T. Dupont Golden Pen Award
* 2007: Nobel Prize for Literature – Speech to the awards: Video (English), text (English), text (English translation) Frankfurter Rundschau, 8 December 2007

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Cocktailrezepte zum genießen

November 20, 2008

Bin gerade auf die Vermischbar gestoßen, und ich muss sagen: Das gefällt mir sehr gut.

Ich kann einfach in meinen Kühlschrank und meine Bar schauen, alles was ich Zuhause habe eintippen, und prompt spuckt mir die Vermischbar alle Cocktails aus die ich aus den Zutaten mixen kann!

Einfacher gehts kaum.

Viele, mir neue und scheinbar verrückte, Cocktails gibt es da. Oder hat schon mal einer etwas vom Cocktail Dörte gehört?! Und genau das ist das schöne an der Vermischbar, ich kann immer etwas neues ausprobieren.

CSS Tipp

November 20, 2008

Ein sehr guter CSS-Tipp: Resetting Your Styles with CSS Reset

Yes we can!

November 5, 2008

Er hat es geschafft.

Obama ist Amerikas neuer Präsident! Nun wird die Zeit zeigen was sich ändern wird… gespannt bin ich!

Im Wörterbuch Englisch:, spezialisiert auf englische Redewendungen, können Übersetzungen nachgeschlagen werden.

Sehr cool wie ich finde.

Wenn einem im Büro die Decke wieder auf den Kopf fällt… spätestens dann könnte man Urlaub gebrauchen!

Die polnische Ostsee bietet Kontraste und außergewöhnliche Naturschönheiten!